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TS-8802 combines GSM and GPS with any mobile GSM phone to help track your car or fleet vehicles.
This universal smart tracker is easy to install in any car, truck and motorcycle enabling you to always know where your vehicles are. Due to its compact design, it can be installed fully hidden and powered simply from the car battery.


Tracking by SMS. Get real time location of your vehicles the secure and convenient way. TS-8802 sends alerts and on-demand information using standard SMS to authorized mobile phone numbers only.

Geofencing. This feature allows complete flexibility in setting up real time alerts notifying you when a vehicle has breached a predefined square box. TS-8802 helps you do that so now you know when there is an unauthorized movement of your vehicles.

Web Based Tracking. By harnessing the power of mobile internet technology, tech savvy users can setup a web based tracking system to enable fleet monitoring. So much capability with just few clicks of a button.

Remote engine cut. When faced with a car-jacking situation, TS-8802 enables you to remotely cut power to your vehicle, thus increasing your chances to catch up and recover your vehicle.

Alert Notifications. Setup predefined events when triggered, automatically sends out an SMS alerts to your mobile phone. Setup a speed limit of 50 km/h, when your driver goes over the limit, expect an alert sent o your mobile phone.

Compact and water proof design. Makes installation worry-free.
This tracking device also has built-in antenna that has good range and sensitivity.

Tech Specs:
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