Frequently Asked Questions

General GPS Tracker Questions
  • What is GPS? [+]
    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global radio-navigation system formed from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. Developed by the US Department of Defense, these "man-made stars" calculate positions accurate to a matter of meters. With the advancement of GPS technology, receivers have been designed to be become compact and economical which makes the technology accessible to virtually everyone. For more information visit the Wikipedia entry here.
  • What is SMS? [+]
    Short Message Service or more popularly known as Text Messaging. This form of communication between mobile phones can typically be up to 160 characters in length and may be charged separately by a telecom provider.
    For more information visit the Wikipedia entry here.
  • What is GPRS? [+]
    General Packet Radio Service is a system usually operated by telcos which provides fast internet connections for mobile devices. With a GPRS connection, the device is "always on" and can transfer data packets immediately and at higher speeds. Data can also be transferred at the same time as making a voice call. The data is usually charged by the amount of KB incurred during send and receive sessions. For gprs charges please consult with your telco provider.
    For more information visit the Wikipedia entry here.
  • Where can we use GPS and how accurate is it? [+]
    GPS reception is available around the globe.  As long as you have clear view of the skies, away from interferences such as MRT Stations, the receiver will function and triangulate the location. 
  • Where can we use GPS? [+]
    Recent trends suggests that GPS technology is finding its way into cars, boats, planes, construction equipments, even laptop computers. Surely it will only be a matter of time before GPS becomes as basic as the cellphone. GPS is best used outdoors and is not suitable inside buildings or basement parking spaces.
TS-8802 Questions
  • What is TS-8802? [+]
    TS-8802 is a cost effective vehicle tracking device that utilizes the latest SIRF III GPS module and SIM399D GSM Module. It is compact in design and applicable to motorcycles, cars and trucks (max of 24V). It has good sensitivity and stable performance in providing real time location and alert notifications through SMS and optionally through online tracking via Tracksol Web Server.
  • How does it work? Do i need special hardware or software to run TS-8802? [+]
    In this modern age mobile phone has grown to be popular and internet access has become very accessible. TS-8802 takes advantage of current technology and is powered by a GSM SIM Card that communicates with the user mobile phone through SMS. The user initiates a call or SMS command to TS-8802 and gets a message containing Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Odometer, Date & Time.
    Simply put the coordinates in Google Maps and you can easily track the current location of your vehicles in real time. For Smartphones equipped with Wifi or Data connection, a separate command is available to receive a direct google link on your smartphone from TS-8802.
  • Where can I buy TS-8802? How do i install it? [+]
    TS-8802 is distributed by E-Solutions Corporation and you can get in touch with their sales office at (63) 02-7232947. TS-8802 will be installed free of charge just simply bring your car on the appointed date for installation and setup.
  • Does TS-8802 come with navigation features or options? [+]
    No. TS-8802 is not a navigating device and thus not designed to give road directions or plot destinations.
  • What kind of SIM Card does TS-8802 use? [+]
    TS-8802 uses a standard size GSM Sim Card from any GSM Network Operator irregardless of prepaid or postpaid plan.
  • After purchase of TS-8802, will i be charged or billed on a regular basis? [+]
    There are no monthly fees nor annual subscription contracts associated with the use of TrackSol products. Since TS-8802 primarily functions over SMS you only incur standard SMS costs billed by your telco provider. Please consult your local telcos provider to find out the best deal that suits you depending on your daily or monthly tracking demands.
  • Can I receive SMS alerts from my car's tracking device? [+]
    TS-8802 supports Push SMS Alerts, simply configure a predefined alert event based on your preference and TS-8802 will respond automatically. Some alerts include Speeding Alert, SOS Alert, Tracker Disconnection Alert, Movement Alert, Timed Interval Alert, etc.
  • What map does TS-8802 use? [+]
    Google Maps. Simply the most accurate and preferred map worldwide.
  • Is TS-8802 Secure? [+]
    TS-8802 just like other GSM powered trackers function with the use of a SIM Card. Every SIM Card has a phone number associated with it and it is best kept to the user(s) alone. TS-8802 allows the user to define put to 3 preset numbers for security purposes. This way only registered numbers are able to receive a reply when calling your vehicle. Also changing the default password is strongly recommended to all clients.