GPS Tracker

By harnessing the power of this technology whether you are near or far, it is now possible to receive real time location and status information at your fingertips. Just like the mobie phone it will only be a matter of time before this technology becomes a necessity to everyone.

Track Location

TrackSol devices take advantage of current technology by receiving location coordinates transmitted from GPS satellites. Since TrackSol is powered by a GSM SIM Card, information can pass through GSM Cellular Networks and go straight to the user's mobile phone via SMS or Text Messaging.

Location information is a form of data, and most modern SIM Cards have built-in GPRS Functions. This packet of data may optionally be transmitted straight to a secure web based tracking server to be viewed online. As long as the SIM Card is properly configured with the correct APN Settings, the user may conveniently monitor logs and history of fleet vehicles which can be stored up to 30 days.

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In this modern age mobile phone has grown to be popular and internet access has become very accessible. The user simply initiates a call or send an SMS command to TrackSol products and instantly gets a reply message containing Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Odometer, Date & Time. Simply put the coordinates in Google Maps in your computer's browser or in your smartphone's Google Maps App and you can easily view the current location of your vehicles in real time.

For Smartphones equipped with Wifi or Data connection, a separate command is available to receive a direct google link on your smartphone.

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In a time where crime rate is high wouldn't you like to know if the people that matters to you most are safe? Where your loved ones who require special attention are currently located? Or simply to monitor whereabouts of your mobile assets that are critical to your business operations?

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